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Dear Friends,

Our NGO is the Hungarian Helping Hands Foundation. We were established three years ago to help people in their retrieval and compensation cases as a victim or a relative in traffic and employment accidents. We work with the hardest and oldest cases as well as with the poorest and most dependent social and ethnical groups like gipsies or refugees.

We see how big can be the difference in the existing, real, present rights for fair retrieval between even two citizens of the EU of two other states. The differences are getting deeper and much more serious how we compare more countries from rich and poor, west and east, in and out of EU.  The consequences are total chaos in european practice and the shamefull discrimination of european citizens as victims making the huge difference of rights and compensation of what natinality do they have.

We wish to apply support for our project from the EU Thematic Networks Programme. For this reason we search for partners joining our project. We are interested in any type of joint venture.

With best regards,

HHH Foundation, Budapest

Tel: 0036-1-2161646


Contact email:

The promotion of the standardized, integrated compensational and retrieval practice in all states of the European Union embased on legal parity of the victims of the sort of traffic and employment accidents

Project presentation of the” Hungarian Helping Hands Foundation” on the issue of “Thematic Networks” of the “Europe for Citizens” program.


That was the very historic moment of the European integrational process after World War II when in 1993 the European Union was established.  The EU recently counts 28 nations as members, among them Hungary as well from the 1. May 2004. Due the wide benefits provided by the membership the citizens of the EU are already in huge amount work and live out of their native homelands. Beside those beneficiary opportunities there are several different problems existing stubbornly for these people living in another state of the EU just like communicational difficulties, but especially the different incompatible domestic laws and also the own procedures of each legislation system.

We created our foundation under the name of “helping hands” to handle real, adequate support to those victims and their families of traffic and employment accidents reaching their complete, right, fair and worth compensation, wherever they live or work in Europe. Unfortunately as a general experience we might say that many times the involved insurance companies do not take any or just very few reasonable efforts compensating the victims and their families in an efficient and fast  procedure. This is far not surprising regarding the conflict of interests on both sides.

Meanwhile we have to see also the incapability of the inspecting authorities during the process how they avoid giving the understandable, personalize, clear statement information to those mostly not educated,  not up to date people about their rights, possibilities, and retrieval. We definitely urge fast development on this very basic issue, because that is totally insane that someone suffers of any legal disadvantage just for the reason of not eligible information might be necessary to anyone making a fine, responsible decision on his or her own right interests.

We also often have to face the problem when the participating insurance companies refuse the payment of compensations stating to wait for the final official, authorized case report pointing the responsibility at the end of the procedure. No doubt there are more complicated cases, but this above statement makes several years of waiting dependency of the even clearly innocent victims till the closing judgment by the jury finally done. It needs no further explanation how shameful is that loss of the time for the victims in deed.

All these problems are just presented even more if someone suffered a traffic accident in another state of the EU. Collecting, comparing, analyzing and  understanding the several different statements, practices and experiences of the similar NGO’s and participated authorities might give us a very certain chance to work out defined advices and adequate, practical suggestions on the issue of a common European retrieval know-how  for all of those it may concern.

Although we take as a serious advantage and a forwarding example the remarkable change of view of the new Hungarian Civil Code on the purpose of retrieval cases, this fact is not going to make positive changes in every day processes and old habits automatically. But there is no doubt about that it is an elementary interest of all citizens of the EU approving the legally defined compensation as soon as it is possible.

Through this project our foundation wishes to organize workshops, conferences, opened forums on the above issue also in Hungary and as well as in abroad motivating similar NGO’s participating them more effectively in this European project.  By sharing the concrete experiences of each other we will be much more effective in informing those people who plan to spend a longer period in abroad either as an employee or as a tourist.

Certainly that would be logic to prepare an amount of insurance guarantee for the victims such as it is in the cases of rail and flight accidents already existing. This is even more reasonable in our purpose of work because the number of victims is several times bigger in traffic accidents than on rails or by air.

Our strategic purpose is making to be established a common European insurance fund which might be eligible through a simple and fast procedure compensating innocent victims within a couple of days or weeks, but not further than one month.

The working out of such a legal order will not raise any political argument while those civil rights of these victims may not divide the political actors at all. Since Hungary joined the union we can day by day follow the deeper integration of us also in our everyday life too. There are more and more thousands of us finding new job and new life in another member state and also Hungary became the target of migration for a lot of people.

Anyone can suffer a traffic accident and unfortunately it remains true in the future as well. Increasing the general safety of traffic is the same important way of acting than the reaching of clear, similar regulated and easily eligible rights of the victims in the states of EU. The same problems are visible in the cases of victims of employment accidents.  These people were mostly forced into economical migration by their hard material circumstances. They work unofficially, many times without a single contract, what keeps them in a totally dependent, illegal status. When they become a victim of an accident they have almost no chance to protect themselves and that is the reason why they are one of the main target group of our civil work.

Within this project we aim to involve the solicitors, lawyers, judges, different experts and the police too, making a truly complex view on this issue all over Europe knowing exact regulations, practices and real experiences to give the very punctual suggestions to all political and civil participants are obliged to work on the common European compensational and retrieval bases . Beside these professional forums we also keep eye on the continuous presentation of our social informational network represented in all groups and ages of society mining out always the forgotten but real victims and their concrete cases of injustice. This stands still the main exercise of our work.

Eventually our main target group is the people who suffer traffic or employment accident in the disadvantaged condition of their far place of living, low education and poverty which makes them totally dependent on the actual protocol of all involved authorities in realizing their rights. This dependency of these victims is shown obviously in the nasty and ruling behavior of the insurance companies.

Even more this behavior is not only a moral case, but rather a legal one. There are the existing laws, international agreements and prescriptions very detailed about the right and fair procedure of those customers so the ignoring of them by the assurances is far does not mean that there are none. It seems we ought to fight for what we have already got.

The weirdest thing of all is that behind of this general attitude we discover the old schemes of basic thinking of the people, such as they used to accomplish it under the totalitarian system of socialism. Till we are not able to ruin those walls of old thinking we cannot break through any positive, temporary changes in minds. We do not create enemies. All the people, authorities, institutions, NGO’s who work on the same issue, are our partners and potential cooperators in finding the best answers on the opened questions.

Our aim is to discover the certain anomalies and malfunctions of the existing legislation or procedure and inform about the politicians as well as the public. Through our job we will to prepare such important and basic changes like the raising up of the term of limitation from 3 to 5 years in cases of employment accidents equalizing the victim’s rights in all type of accidents.  There is no any reasonable explanation for such a dividing, discriminating purpose.

We wish to figure out the general and basic rules of retrieval processes from investigating through juries till compensation which are based on the working experiences and traditions of the old member states of the EU. These practices and attitude may cause a revolutionary turnover in such not long ago joined member countries as Hungary and almost everybody on the east and the Balkan.

We believe that by our project it is going to be possible to eliminate the discriminating differences recently are among the citizens of EU when they become a victim of an accident.

Involving all the EU Points working in Europe we are absolutely opened seeking for partners to join our project. Chambers, legal organizations, law firms, civil NGO’s, foundations, associations of assurances, experts, local authorities, so practically everybody are welcome to join this project and work. Any piece of data, opinion, experience, statistic, custom, habit, information, knowledge is important to add to create the better working way.  

We are about to have cooperating partners from both old and new members of EU beside Hungary like Germany, the Netherlands, Finland or Austria and also Slovakia, Romania, Croatia or even countries out of EU like Serbia and Turkey. That would make our efforts complete to adopt cultural and traditional differences to our general view on the whole issue.

During the project we plan to organize professional workshops and conferences with the published summary of the so far collected information. Upon this job of more legal experts we also plan to have local public forums, debates among all the actors of civil life of a region. These borderless regional European meetings might begin the deeper and long term cooperation between the people and states of Europe. Our issue is only one the fair compensation and retrieval for all victims in all circumstances all over Europe.  


Adaugat: Duminica, 18 August 2013, 06:37:22
Autori: MC

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